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Why Talent Teams 💙 Us

Reduce Operational & Busy Work

“One of the biggest value add of Jetty is the time saving and scalability because all the hiring info and content is offered to candidates upfront.”

People Lead

Showcase Employer Branding At Scale

“Jetty helps showcase why candidates should join our company over a bigger one. It enables candidate education and candidate commitment.”

Vice President People

Understand & Include Candidates

“Jetty empowers the candidate. As talent teams, we want to give more power to candidates… help them feel included and offer more control.”

Head of Talent Acquisition


Engage and win over talent by building customized candidate portals which are synced with your HR tools in just a couple of clicks.

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Reduce operational work through automation, templates, and a candidate self-service to scale your candidate experience.

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Measure your hiring performance and tailor your practices based on candidate-centric & data-driven insights.

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Connect your ATS

Synchronize your open jobs and hiring steps, while progressing your candidates along your hiring process.


Design engaging templates

With a few clicks, templates are designed in Jetty and mapped to the respective job postings and hiring steps.

Win over exceptional talent

With Jetty, your candidates are able to enjoy a personalized hiring portal and a two-sided hiring experience.


We integrate with your daily HR tools and favorite apps.

With Jetty, we want to make your life as a talent manager and people leader as easy as possible. We're enabling you to supercharge your daily practices and stick with your established tools.

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