We’re on a mission
to empower candidates

Jetty was created based on our own hiring pains and as an ode to help our closest friends - all of those complaining about their jobs at the dinner table, all of those endlessly applying to jobs, all of those unhappy with their current employers.

We first-hand experienced the pains of not only applying for jobs but also guiding candidates through interviews as hiring managers. For most candidates, hiring triggers a lot of stress and anxiety, countless hours of preparation, and high pressure on themselves. And this is all just to start the job, be unhappy and leave one year later. We spend most of our lives at work, doing work, and with the people at work. But why is there so little to help individuals decide on the right place to work? We strongly believe that hiring needs to be way more human, inclusive, informative, and enjoyable than it is today.

One of the reasons why hiring is so bad for candidates right now: traditional hiring solutions were designed with companies in mind and therefore to improve the lives of recruiter's and talent teams'. But these tools never addressed how candidates feel. So candidates still need to deal with a lot of uncertainty and a painful blackbox hiring experience. And this blackbox is further enhanced as most hiring now occurs digitally. Amongst our colleagues and friends - around Munich and Berlin, internationals and Germans, working in startups, agencies, consultancies -  we found that the problem was universal and that there was a strong desire for an improved hiring experience. We want to build Jetty for the people close to us and all future candidates around the globe.

Our Values

Continuous Growth
Entrepreneurial Risk-Taking
Done > Perfect
Candid Feedback
Never Forget About the Fun

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