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With Jetty, the talent in your pipeline get to enjoy a next-gen candidate experience with an inclusive & two-sided hiring experience

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Candidates love Jetty 😍

Jetty improves the hiring process tremendously for candidates as hiring is entirely re-thought and designed from an emotionally draining black-box to an inclusive and delightful process.

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Personalized Hiring Portal

Jetty is the all-in-one location for all hiring needs of candidates. As candidate, say goodbye to messy emails, excels, and folders.

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Enable meaningful relationships

Candidates have access to tailored content and communication channels in order get to know their potential employers better and build meaningful relationships.

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Transparency candidates deserve

In Jetty, candidates enjoy a hiring according to their preferences with transparent processes, clear next steps, preparation notes, and inclusive interactions along the process.

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Candidate Stories

Excellent  9 out of 10

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“It shows me that the company cares”

"I give Jetty 9/10 as a candidate because it shows me that there is a structured plan for me, and a clear way to succeed. It shows me that the company cares about me as a candidate and that they have good internal processes in place.”

Salmo J.
iOS Tech Lead, N26

“This is way ahead of anything I’ve experienced”

“Jetty is a 10. This is all I could imagine out of a hiring process. This is way ahead of anything I’ve ever experienced. I was never sure of where I was in the hiring process, what the interview steps were, how to prepare, how things went, and I was constantly looking for information. Now, Jetty gives me all the information I need.”

Nicolas G.
Data Engineer, Delivery Hero

“It’s so helpful to have everything in a single place”

“It’s so helpful that on Jetty everything for recruitment is in a single place. Before, I had 20 different emails for all the different applications and it’s very confusing. It’s really a super nice experience compared to many emails and information scattered everywhere.”

Ranjit P.
Lead BE Engineer, Stealth

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